['wə:ʃip] 1. past tense, past participle - worshipped; verb
1) (to pay great honour to: to worship God.) častiti
2) (to love or admire very greatly: She worships her older brother.) oboževati
2. noun
(the act of worshipping: A church is a place of worship; the worship of God / of money.) čaščenje
* * *
I [wɜ:šip]
religion čaščenje, oboževanje, bogočastje, kult; predmet oboževanja ali čaščenja; obred, ritus, molitev, služba božja; spoštovanje, priznanje, dober glas, čast; obsolete vrednost, zasluga
hero worship — kult herojev
public worship — cerkveni obredi
house ( —ali place) of worship — cerkev, božji hram
the worship of wealth — oboževanje (malikovanje) bogastva
men of worship — ugledni, spoštovani ljudje
Your Worship — Vaše blagorodje (naslov za nekatere sodnike, za župana itd.)
his Worship the Mayor of Leeds — njegovo blagorodje župan mesta Leeds
to have (to win) worship — uživati (visoko) spoštovanje
to offer ( —ali to render) worship to s.o. — častiti, visoko spoštovati, oboževati koga
II [wɜ:šip]
transitive verb
častiti, oboževati, gojiti kult do; spoštovati
to worship one's mother — oboževati svojo mater
to worship the golden calf figuratively malikovati zlato tele (denar, mamona); intransitive verb moliti; udeležiti se službe božje; čutiti spoštovanje

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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